How to take care of dyed hair? The thing about bleached blonde hair is that it is fucking ugly as shit. Sorry!! Bleach has some of the most severe chemicals on the planet, I'm pretty sure, and as the name indicates it is a robust stripping agent that, like, petrifies the colour out of your strands of hair, or something. I don't really understand how it works. I just know it is dangerous and powerful and you almost certainly shouldn't breathe in it or get it on your actual skin, but that doesn't stop me from routinely rubbing it all over my scalp for beauty purposes.

Hello. I am 13 and my mommy has been relaxing my scalp. It's been so long since I've done it because it resulted in me having hair loss when i grew older that I were required to keep my head of hair in braids. Most ofthe time. But as you can see my mother gets my hair treated every fourteen days. And she hasn't considered me to wash it yet after several days and nights. Now when i watch. I lost little aspects of my edges scheduled to no water and realized my locks was below my neck of the guitar but is up to my throat. I feel like those more youthful girls who don't possess hair any longer. Help!

Getting a perm is a long-term dedication which involves special look after nice hair. Not providing your hair with the needed health care won't allow you to get the best out of your perm. You could also be causing long term damage to your hair if you do not care for it the proper way. But do not let this intimidate you. Following, I've put together a list of 8 simple tips that will help you look after your to take care of long hair in summer

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If you are coloring your hair, it is important to obtain a good dye and bleach so your hair will not get too ruined. If you're lifting color with bleach, make sure you get the right programmer for flowing hair color. For example, using a 40 volume creator for blonde wild hair can finish up frying it. If your locks is light, to begin with, pick a 20 or 30 size developer. Use guarding products like Brazilian relationship constructor that will lessen damage when you are stripping nice hair of color. With dyes, always choose ones that are free of harsh chemicals like ammonia.

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